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6 May 2016

End Week 1 Review

by Mike

So this was my first week working full-time for Bauer remotely.

The stomach bug that hit me last weekend has laid siege to the household. My fiance has come down with it, it has laid waste across our social networks and only towards the end of this week am I feeling the tight grasp release…

This has meant I have not been working as effectively as usual and added to the fact that starting to work remotely after mostly being in the office for the last 18 months is disorientating. I don’t hear any gossip anymore, I don’t even see any people besides family members on an average day unless I have a delivery.

The internet was a little flaky mid-week, but that seemed to clear up overnight. It wasn’t helpful feeling low and getting frustrated with repeated dropped terminal connections.

It is now Friday and I am feeling a lot better than the start of the week and I am starting to get back into the swing of working remotely again, perhaps it was helped by the innovation day. Hopefully this bodes well for the coming months.

I just ordered a new UPS for the office and wondered if I should get a second for the downstairs router. It took me a couple of seconds before I realised that wouldn’t be as useful as I’d want as I have a powerline ethernet bridge connecting my office to the router. In the event of a power cut, this would be rendered inoperable until the power is restored.

Anyway… We’ll see if I can complete the office redecoration over the weekend and take the pictures required for the working from home agreement.