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11 November 2014

Just Say No

by Mike

Some time back I became aware that I said “Yes” to too many things. I liked to please people and taking on additional burdens didn’t seem like it was much of a problem.

If I was great in managing my time and nothing outside of my control came to upset the balance I would have been fine, but I wasn’t. I was in some ways as far from great time management as the North pole is from the South - literally poles apart.

Like any habit, it only becomes so if you actually do it. I have made it my goal to say no and mean it at least once a day when people ask me for stuff.

So far it is definitely helping. I have less things on my task-list and I seem to be making a dent in some things I haven’t even looked at for months. Once you start seeing progress you start to feel happier about it and it starts to become a positive feedback loop - Bonus!

I just hope I can keep it up for the next 40 days or so, so it becomes an automatic habit.