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30 October 2014

Moving On

by Mike

After tomorrow I wont be an employee of Synety anymore.

In some respects this is a good thing; I wasn’t in a good place head-wise, but I will miss the place.

I am thankful for my time there, I have learnt a lot about myself and faced many challenges I hadn’t faced before in my career.

I might not have agreed with every decision that was made, who does, but I liked the company. I liked the people I worked with, and I enjoyed most of the work. I just needed a change; a break from the stress.

Synety itself is fast paced. It has needed to be to grow as fast as they have, but that speed of change takes it toll. While I could have coped with it had I not had other stresses in my life at the time, for me it was just too much.

You don’t realise it at the time, but stress changes you. It upsets your health. It upsets your relationships with friends and family and left unchecked it will change you as a person.

I wish them well in their future business dealings, but for me it is on to pastures new.