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10 October 2014

Learnings Part 2

by Mike

This post will be a little shorter than the previous one, but I hope you still find some value in it.

3) People will be nice when they perceive things going their way.

Everyone loves good news. It lifts mood and makes them far more hopeful about the future. They tend to also be easier to get along with and more generous in time and money or other resources.

This includes you!

4) Things wont always go your way.

While the old adage ‘make hay while the sun shines’ still holds true. You should also be prepared for times when things aren’t going your way. Hold back some cash. Have a plan B (and plan Z) and just generally keep options open.

5) Great people will help you reach goals even when things aren't going their way.

The most successful people I have ever met are not the people willing to stab someone in the back to get ahead; it is the type of person who sees you fall and goes out of their way to make sure you are okay.

This produces a lot of goodwill and it tends to come back to them many times. People remember the kind word when they are low and the helping hand when they are on the ground.

Sure, there will be people who try to take advantage of this, but they will be in the minority.