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18 November 2013

Pricing For Use Cases

by Mike

It is very common to see mismatches in pricing for significant demographics in your audience.

Sometimes these will be down to technical implementation issues, but others seem to be a lack of understanding of who your customers are.

I’m not singling them out, since I do believe it is an accounting/technical issue, but on my daily commute I pay for a 28 day ticket - like the majority of other people that commute.

Also like the majority of other commuters, I get paid monthly and since that there are an average number of days in a month is 30 and a fraction (365/12) during the course of the year this gets out of sync.

I don’t believe there is any malice involved, I believe it is a simply an issue of wanting a fixed number of days for a ticket to simplify accounting and adding it to the machines, but it does cause inconvenience when two billing cycles fall in the same month.

Most of the time this is down to a misunderstanding of who your customers are. You want to make giving you money as painless as possible as if you don’t competitors will.