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13 November 2013

Devopsdays Negatives

by Mike

WOW! It has been an amazing couple of days.

I was rather anxious about my ignite session on ‘burnout’, but the response afterwards has been great.

The only thing that I was disappointed with (and it was something out of our control) was the state of the wifi. I ended up being a kind of ‘technical liason’ between the venue and DevOpsDays London.

We were told that the venue had ordered a decent pipe from Virgin Media and that it would be installed soon. Unfortunately ‘soon’ wasn’t soon enough for the event and we had to make do with the low bandwidth ADSL they had. :(

The only other thing was that my laptop really dislikes Libre Office at present. It runs windows, so I’m not surprised it has developed some quirks (might have to give Linux another go soon (work requirements make Linux a pain)), which ended up eating my slides twice and then wouldn’t allow me to save any modifications to the slide deck, which meant much of the deck was missing some slides and the awesome pictures and that I had found. (The deck I talked with wasn’t the deck I rehearsed. I apologise for all tte looking at my laptop near the start)

Anyway, if these are the only real negative things I can think of, then I think it was a great event.