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30 September 2012

Life P My Move To Synety And Coming Blog Posts

by Mike

For those that are in contact with me regularly, you will be aware that about 2 months back I took a position with an established startup called Synety.

I needed more stability in my life and while I dislike working in a corporate hierarchy with all the politics that go with it, I felt that Synety and its small size was a good fit for my move back into the that world.

I am pleased to say that 2 months in and I am enjoying the role. I am being challenged on a daily basis, but  I also have the support of a great team who make these challenges manageable and the support of a great management team who are willing to allocate resources to do things right, rather than having to cobble something together using whatever odds and sods are lying around at the time. It is a refreshing change from some of my previous roles which were beset by political huddles at every turn and budgets that were inflexible.

I hope to share some of the knowledge I am gaining (nothing proprietary obviously) in the coming months in a series of posts that help explain some of the technologies behind some of the changes that I am making within Synety by applying the same techniques and technologies to my own projects.

This will probably include some details of the use of Jenkins, FPM, RabbitMQ and other technologies and how they can be used effectively to build more efficient workflows, application architectures and to reduce technical debt through automated code checks.

If there is anything in particular that you would like me to cover, then please drop me a line at mike at technomonk dot com