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9 May 2011

Dc Appliances

by Mike

Those that know me know that I to get myself a boat soon. While this isn’t definite, it still makes no sense to buy new equipment that is unusable on a boat due to such undesirable features such as power consumption, size etc.

I will be replacing my monitors soon and in looking at what is available on the market it is clear than few manufacturers care enough to label whether the monitor uses direct AC input or uses an external AC to DC adaptor. The second type is preferable for a boat since I can use a DC to DC converter to shift the voltage and not need to bother with an inverter sucking power when the computers are on.

So far the only company I have found that even bothers to list whether they use internal or external power supplies seems to be ebuyer and even then there is no easy way to tell them apart except by checking each one to see if it is listed in the specs.

While I might be fairly uncommon in looking specifically for this requirement, I’m sure I’m not the only person who wants a monitor that can work of 12 or 24volts. It just seems like an under-served market.