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28 April 2011


by Mike

It used to be that I was afraid of failure. It wasn’t something I was born with it just tended to evolve over my life. I was fairly risk-averse depending on what was put on the line.

I’m not the only one that has suffered with this problem and yes it is a problem. There is nothing wrong with being conservative, but when your life becomes stagnated because you are unwilling to take risks since you are afraid of failure and how others may judge you, then something must change.

  1. Understand there is a problem.
  2. Work out what causes it to manifest and what allows you to move past it - for me completely new situations where failure is accepted and situations where friends aren't particularly judgemental aren't a problem, the problems start when expectation is piled on and people expect you to not be able to fail.
  3. Try to put into action the ways you identified that allow you to move past it.
  4. Review your efforts and go back to 2 with this new information

This isn’t going to be an overnight fix, I have been trying to deal with these issues for a long time and while things are improving, there are no easy fixes. Each day has to be taken on its own.